Date: 2/6/18 6:05 pm
From: Larry Mays <larrymays1949...>
Subject: Re: Wichita Falls area
You could try Lake Wichita, right in town, for a short hiking trail, that
links up with at least one other nearby lake. I've seen some decent
waterfowl and shorebirds there. Also nearby is Lake Arrowhead and Lake
Arrowhead State Park. Last year there were several Long-eared Owls that
had a winter roost there for several months, though most likely they were
"loved" a bit too much and have since moved on, BUT you might look around
carefully and be the lucky ones who refind them. The lake has a good stand
of mesquite so you can look for Ladder-backed Woodpecker, or maybe a Verdin
or Pyrrhuloxia. It's a reasonably good birding spot.
OR, you could come back to Oklahoma and do the Wichita Mountains
Wildlife Refuge. Good trails to hike, usually lots of birds, and you could
even stop at Meers for a Meersburger and some cherry or peach cobbler...
That's all I got. Anyone?

On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 3:30 PM, Jennie Brooks <2014birder...> wrote:

> We are going to be in Wichita Falls for a concert this Friday night and
> are wondering if there's anywhere fun to hike and bird on Saturday either
> in that area, or between there and OKC.
> Thanks, Jennie

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