Date: 2/4/18 9:36 am
From: Gregor Yanega <gregor.yanega...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Anna's nesting
Hi Nathaniel and Abby-

I would like to add that the more information you can gather on early dates
for nest building the better for Anna’s, particularly because they have
only recently expanded their range into Washington and Oregon and because
they do show some latitudinal variation in onset of breeding that tracks
some combination of winter rain, day length, or flowering phenology (all
linked, though seasonality and climate differs somewhat in PNW and
central/southern Cal)- there are late November- early December start up
dates for Anna’s nesting in Southern California, certainly December and
Early Jan start dates in Bay Area and I’ve seen Anna’s in Oregon start in
late January. Does anyone have other nesting records for first nest of the
season for Anna’s in Oregon?

Gregor Yanega

On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 10:38 PM Nathaniel Wander <nw105...> wrote:

> Hiyah Abby,
> Fun sightings at Oaks Bottom. But, I wouldn't necessarily consider Anna's
> nesting in early February a sign of spring. They nest throughout fall and
> winter too: I've seen one sitting on an egg in San Francisco on New
> Year's Day.
> I think they may have once been endemic to southern California in the US
> and Baja California Norte in Mexico. As they spread north with the
> planting of exotic vegetation and the provisioning of feeders--and maybe a
> little global warming--they seem to have retained a sub-tropical breeding
> pattern. That is, they breed mostly through the rainy season and knock off
> in summer when there is probably less nectar available in the wild. They
> feed nestlings mostly insects, but probably always need at least some
> high-sugar, high-fat resources to maintain their incredible energy outputs.
> Nathaniel Wander
> Portland

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