Date: 1/27/18 11:25 am
From: Janet L Leonard <leonard.janetl...> [peninsula-birding] <peninsula-birding-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [pen-bird] Sequoia Audubon
Malia deserves a lot of praise and thanks for all her efforts for birding
in this area. In particular the Coastside Land Trust is very grateful for
her help with bird walks, which are so important in promoting both birding
and conservation of the Wavecrest area.

Keep up the good work; can't let the trolls win,

Jan Leonard

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> Hi Folks,
> I would like to thank Leonie and Kent for their very kind words tonight.
> There has been some troubling events in our birding community over the last
> few days, I do not intend to go into any details about that here. I will
> say this however it has been very troubling to me personally.
> Several years ago when Leonie and Malia asked some questions about a
> particular sighting they were reviewing for the cumulative year they were
> subjected to hateful and incredibly spiteful abuse. This even spilled over
> onto facebook, keep in mind they were volunteers for Sequoia Audubon.
> The events of the last few days have opened old wounds.The person who did
> this knows who he is, I will not mention his name here.
> Yesterday I was so disgusted by events I told Adam Dudley our fantastic
> field trip chair I no longer wanted to do field trips for Sequoia.
> After talking to a number of people most importantly Leslie Flint today at
> the Lewis's Woodpecker site I have had a change of heart. Adam sorry for
> the about turn!
> Malia and I have met so many wonderful people leading these walks, I
> realized if we stopped leading field trips it would only hurt them and us..
> It is time for all of us to come together and not let one bad apple
> fracture our incredible birding community.
> Malia is a volunteer for ebird as a reviewer and spends many hours looking
> over records instead of birding with me she deserves respect not abuse, it
> is a thankless task.
> Lastly many thanks to Adam Dudley for the great job he does as the field
> trip chair, I know Adam travels a lot with his job and still finds time to
> lead trips some to distant locations.
> I apologize if this subject matter is not deemed appropriate on this forum
> but this needed to be said. Lets come together folks, abuse is not
> acceptable in any form.
> Chris Hayward
> Half Moon Bay

Janet L. Leonard

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