Date: 1/12/18 6:55 pm
From: Lew & Marti Ligocki <ligockibirds...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Lincoln Coast 1/12/17
So, inquiring minds want to know – what’s up with the Kittiwake? Infestation that caused it to scratch itself raw? Escape from a predator?

Thanks for any ideas/opinions.

Marti Ligocki
South Salem

From: Bill Tice
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018 6:13 PM
To: Obol
Subject: [obol] Lincoln Coast 1/12/17

My wife and I went over to Lincoln Co today in search of a few reported birds. We first went to the North Jetty Yaquina Bay to look for and photograph is possible, the Lapland Longspur which has been reported a couple times. While nearing the base of the jetty we spied a young Black-legged Kittiwake. I saw 2 birders near the base of the jetty and more or less assumed they were there for the same reason. As soon as we were on the base of the jetty my wife saw the longspur, which continued to be confiding and allowed many pics.

Pics here:

We next headed south to Ona Beach St Park where we ran into John Sullivan and Josh Little - all of us looking for the Black and White Warbler recently reported. After comparing notes, we understood they were the 2 birders at the jetty, but they did not see the longspur. Not having success with the warbler at the park itself, they left to Waldport to look for the ruff, but we remained planning on going up on the estate hill just north of One Beach SP hoping to find a white-winged crossbill. On our way there we did find the Black and White Warbler just south of the road into the estates on the hill. As there were no no trespassing signs to the dirt road angling SE, we took that to get on the rear side of the forest where we saw the warbler. It was with a flock of kinglets, chickadees, juncos, siskins, a creeper and yellow-rump. These were all heading south more or less back to the boat launch area/St Park.

We walked around the hilltop/estates where were saw and heard some red-crossbills and other birds. We had texted Josh and by the time we got back to the St Park, where they had returned looking for the bird. They did not find the ruff on the north side of Alsea Bay, so after lunch at a roadside, my wife and I headed to Eckman Lake where we did not find the ruff in that area.

If Josh and John saw the warbler or anything else of interest, they may post.


Bill Tice

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