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Subject: [cobirders] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for January 12, 2018
Hello cobirders

Our report is called Rare Bird Alert because search engines find it
better. The report is really "Uncommon Bird Report" Not all uncommon
birds are rare birds. Birders may want to know where to see them anyway!
Without being a member, "cobirders" can be read at:

Report Uncommon Birds at: 303-324-7994 or

NOTE: Reports do not confirm sightings. Choose to chase at your own risk
and expense.!
NOTE: To reduce length of report, only recent sightings listed; visit
Colorado Birding Society's website everyday for additional sightings!

Reports added: 1/11/2018
Adams/Denver (Short-eared Owl)
Arapahoe (Yellow-billed Loon, White-winged Scoter)
Denver (Greater White-fronted Goose)
Douglas (Brant, Barrow's Goldeneye)
El Paso (Red-breasted Sapsucker, Greater Roadrunner, Harris's Sparrow)
Jefferson (Northern Mockingbird)
Morgan (Lesser Black-backed Gull, Lewis's Woodpecker)
Logan/Washington (Eastern Screech-Owl)


Adams/Denver Counties
DIA Owl Loop
Short-eared Owl (1) --0.2 miles North of W. Cargo Road & Third Creek
(Richard Stevens) last 1/11
++++South Platte Birding Area
Barrow's Goldeneye (up to 6) --south/88th avenue (Dale Pate/Terry
Michaels) (first 11/20) 2; last 1/9

Arapahoe County
++++Aurora Reservoir
Long-tailed Duck (2 female, 1 male) (Richard Stevens) (first 12/13) 3;
last 1/10
Lesser Black-backed Gull (up to 20) (Dave King/Stevens) (first 11/5) 2;
last 1/10
Iceland Gull (up to 7) (Diane Roberts/Stevens) (first 12/10) 2; last 1/10
Greater White-fronted Goose (Stevens) last 1/10
Greater Scaup (2) (Richard Stevens/Brian Johnson) (first 12/13) 1; last
Glaucous Gull (2) (Alexander/Mlodinow) (first 12/31) again 1/9
++++McLellan Reservoir
Greater Scaup (2) (Brian Johnson) first 1/10
++++Goldsmith Gulch Trail
Winter Wren --see map (Connie Kogler/Loch Kilpatrick) (first 1/8) last 1/9

Arapahoe/Jefferson Counties
++++South Platte Park Reservoir & Area
Yellow-billed Loon (seen in both Jefferson/Arapahoe Ctys (Joey
Kellner:Myron Gerhard/M.OB.) (first 1/5) last 1/11
White-winged Scoter (James McCall:DuWayne Worthington/M.OB.) (first 1/8)
last 1/11
Barrow's Goldeneye --Reservoir (Jeffrey Olsson) last 1/10

Boulder County
++++Golden Ponds
Swamp Sparrow (3) (Luke Pheneger/Dan Zmoklek) (first 12/16) 1; last 1/10

Denver County
++++Denver City Park
Greater White-fronted Goose (Eric DeFonso) 1; last 1/11

Douglas County
++++Salisbury Equestrian Park & area
Salisbury Equestrian Park and area
Brant (Cheryl Phillips/John Bruder) (first 11/11) last 1/11
(Latest: 1/11: Salisbury Equestrian Park Pond)
Barrow's Goldeneye (2) --Salisbury Equestrian Park (Jeffrey Olsson) last

El Paso County
++++Broadmoor area
Red-breasted Sapsucker --see directions (David Tonnessen/Carol Ortenzio)
(first 12/21) last 1/11
(Latest: big pine across fairway, opposite House #13)
++++South Meridian Road/Hanover Road
Greater Roadrunner --Hanover Road (Alan Ketcham/Gary Koehn) (first 1/8)
last 1/11
Greater Roadrunner --south of Hanover Road (Kevin Ash/Stevens:Shane)
(first 1/4) last 1/9
++++Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Harris's Sparrow (Jim Merritt) (first 12/10) last 1/11
++++Cheyenne Mountain Road
Varied Thrush --across street Starsmore Discovery Center (Deb
Carstensen/Chip Clouse) (first 12/31) last 1/10
(along Cheyenne creek near Center parking lot)
++++Hanover Road and area
Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Stevens:Shane) last 1/9
Curve-billed Thrasher (Stevens:Shane) last 1/9

Jefferson County
++++Deer Creek area/South Valley Park
Northern Mockingbird --Meadowlark Trail (Neil Reinecke) first 1/11
++++Standley Lake area
Snowy Owl --88th & Queen (Bars Moore/Terry Michaels) (first 12/23) last
(1/9; south of Wayne Carle Middle School, northeast of Standley Lake)
Common Loon (Matt Hofeditz/David Dowell) (first 12/29) last 1/8
++++Coors Pond
Long-tailed Duck (Tom & Debbie Behnfield/Tim Ryan) (first 1/3) 2; last 1/8
Red-necked Grebe (Wood:Barry/Sue Riffe) (first 12/29) last 1/8
++++Reynolds Park
American Three-toed Woodpecker (Stevens & Shane) last 1/8
(north of interserction of Oxen Draw, Raven's Roost & Eagle's View trails)
Dusky Grouse (Stevens & Shane) last 1/8
(Above unless stated: Eagle's View Trail, south of old service road)
Northern Pygmy-Owl --Songbird trail (Stevens & Shane) last 1/8
++++Ralston Creek Trail
Harris's Sparrow --Indiana Street to Ward Road (Rebecca Laroche/Myron
Gerhard) (first 12/7) again 1/8
++++Clement Park
Greater White-fronted Goose (Mackenzie Goldthwait:Doug Kibbe) last 1/8
++++Van Bibber Trail
Eastern Screech-Owl (Frank Farrell) last 1/7

Larimer County
++++Running Deer Natural Area
Harris's Hawk --viewed from Colorado Visitor's Center (David
Wade/Dowell:Summers) (first 12/10) reported 1/10
++++CSU Environmental Learning Center to Cattail Chorus
Fox Sparrow (red) --intersection of Alden and Wilcox Trail
(Bendorf:Bankert/Austin Hess) (first 1/5) last 1/8
Eastern Screech-Owl (Lori Zabel) last 1/8
++++CLP/Gateway Natural Area
Winter Wren (heard only) (Nick Komar) first 1/10
++++3645 Wild Horse Court, Loveland
Pine Warbler (John Reichhardt/John Reichhardt) (first 12/26) last 1/8
++++Lions Open Space
Winter Wren (Austin Hess:Gwen Moore/Andy Bankert) (first 12/16) last 1/9
++++Horsetooth Reservoir
Lesser Black-backed Gull (5) (Wade/Ken Duncan) (first 12/19) 1; last 1/8
Glaucous Gull (Nick Komar/Tiffany Warble) (first 12/17) last 1/6
++++Rawhide Reservoir
Trumpeter Swan (3 adult) (Wehtje:Komar/Komar) (first 12/9) 1; last 1/8
++++Carter Lake
Red-necked Grebe (John Shenot/Sue Riffe) (first 1/1) last 1/8
Barrow's Goldeneye (Sue Riffe) first 1/8
Iceland Gull (2) (Wehtje) last 1/8
Lesser Black-backed Gull (15) (Bankert) last 1/8
Glaucous Gull (Komar:Costello/Wehtje:Bankert) (first 1/2) last 1/8
++++Buckingham Lake
White-throated Sparrow (Andy Bankert) first 1/8
++++Riverbend Ponds Natural Area & Poudre River Trail
Swamp Sparrow (Nick Komar) (first 12/19) last 1/7

Pueblo County
++++Pueblo Reservoir
Snowy Owl --south marina (Leon Bright/M.OB.) (first 1/8) last 1/9
Prairie Warbler --below dam/NE corner of the parking lot (Leon
Bright/Kevin Ash) (first 12/5) last 1/9
Lesser Black-backed Gull (Jim Merritt) last 1/9
Great Black-backed Gull (adult) (Percival/Jim Merritt) (first 11/7) last
Glaucous Gull (Hurtado/Jim Merritt) (first 1/3) last 1/9
Pacific Loon (David Tonnessen/Kilpatrick) (first 12/29) last 1/8
Common Loon (5) (Kilpatrick) reservoir to Wildlife Area 3; last 1/8
Iceland Gull (Doug Kibbe/Heidi Eaton) (first 12/16) last 1/8
Red-necked Grebe --Wildlife Area (Dave King & all) last 1/7
Bonaparte's Gull --Wildlife Area (Dave King) last 1/7
Curve-billed Thrasher --south marina (Dave King) last 1/7
++++Below Pueblo City Park (Arkansas River Trail)
Barrow's Goldeneye (3) --7 reservoir drive (Jim Merritt) last 1/8
Carolina Wren (Percival/Dave King & all) (first 11/15) last 1/7
++++Mountain View Cemetery
White-winged Crossbill --spruce trees/western section (David
Tonnessen/Leon Bright) (first 1/6) last 1/7

Weld County
++++Windsor Lake
Greater White-fronted Goose (Jeffrey Bisko) last 1/8
++++Luna Reservoir
White-winged Scoter (Gene Rutherford:Steve Mlodinow) first 1/7
++++Crow Valley Campground
Common Redpoll (1) campgrounds to work center (Stevens:Kosten/Mike
Serruto) (first 12/28) last 1/6
++++County Road 116 & CR 133
Curve-billed Thrasher (Gene Rutherford:Mike Stanley) first 1/6


Bent County
++++John Martin Reservoir area
Lesser Black-backed Gull (adult) (Duane Nelson) first 1/6
Glaucous Gull (1st cycle) (Duane Nelson) first 1/6


Logan County
++++Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area
Red-bellied Woodpecker (2) (Bill Kaempfer) last 1/5
Eastern Screech-Owl (1) (Rebecca Laroche) 2; last 1/5
Long-eared Owl (Stevens:Michaels) last 1/5
Eastern Bluebird (7) (Stevens:Michaels) last 1/5
Northern Cardinal (2) (Stevens:Michaels) last 1/5
Field Sparrow (2) (Stevens:Michaels) last 1/5
Harris's Sparrow (CoBus group/Stevens:Michaels) (first 12/14) last 1/5
White-throated Sparrow (1) (CoBus group/Stevens:Michaels) (first 12/14)
last 1/5
Common Redpoll (4) (CoBus group/Stevens:Michaels) (first 12/14) last 2;
last 1/5

Morgan County
++++Fort Morgan Ponds
Winter Wren (Stevens:Michaels/Kathy Mihm-Dunning:David Dowell) (first
12/17) last 1/6


Clear Creek County
++++Guanella Pass
White-tailed Ptarmigan (Sheridan Samano) 10; last 1/1
American Three-toed Woodpecker --Campgrounds (Stevens:Michaels) 1; last
++++Loveland Pass
White-tailed Ptarmigan
(latest: hill north of first pullover south of Pass and west of Hwy 9)
(2) (Michaels & all) last 12/31
(below west side of Summit) (Jacob Washburn: Jamie Thompson) 1; last 12/30

Eagle County
++++Dotsero Ponds
Pinyon Jay (35) (JoAnn Riggle) last 1/9

Fremont County
++++MacKenzie Avenue & Grandvew Avenue, Canon City
Curve-billed Thrasher (Norm Lewis) (first 12/27) again 1/8
++++Valco Ponds, Canon City
Greater White-fronted Goose (4) (Adams/Norm Lewis) (first 11/12) 1; last
Eurasian Wigeon (Rich Miller/Drummond:Mitchell:Ash) (first 12/23) last 1/6
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker --885 East 5th Street (Walbek:Kilpatrick) first
++++Lakeside Cemetery
Williamson's Sapsucker (Walbek:Kilpatrick) last 1/7
++++Arkansas Riverwalk
Western Screech-Owl --Raynolds parking lot (Richard Bunn) last 1/7
++++Tunnel Drive area
Rufous-crowned Sparrow (Dan Stringer) last 1/6

Garfield County
++++Downstream Catherine Store Bridge, Carbondale
Barrow's Goldeneye (12) (Filby:Robertson/Filby) (first 1/1) 15; last 1/8
++++Two Rivers Park & Devereux Road
Barrow's Goldeneye (3) (JoAnn Riggle) last 1/8
++++Coryell Ranch Ponds
Barrow's Goldeneye (55) --private, view from Satank Road (Dick Filby)
first 1/7

Lake County
Gray-crowned Rosy Finch (60) (Allan Welby) first 1/7

Mesa County
++++Grand Junction Wildlife Area
White-throated Sparrow --southeast corner (Trappett) last 1/7
Western Screech-Owl (Carol Ortenzio) last 1/6

Montrose County
Pinyon Jay (53) --East 5th Avenue (Dexter:Wright) (first 9/15) 25; last

Pitkin County
++++Snowmass Ski Area
Rosy Finches --top of Village Express lift (30, mostly Brown-capped)
Denise, last 1/8
(requires lift ticket; Wednesday 1/10, Dick will conduct free bird tour,
meet by feeder)

Summit County
Barrow's Goldeneye (8) --see map (Jodi Chambers) (first 1/2) 5; last 1/8
++++Blue River Water Treatment Plant
Barrow's Goldeneye (Stevens & all/Jodi Chambers) (first 11/19) 12; last

Teller County
++++Horsethief Falls Trail
American Three-toed Woodpecker (4) (Bunn:Allbright) first 1/9
Rosy Finches (50+, 3 species) --see map (Cici Lee/Stevens:Shane) (first
12/5) last 1/8
++++Horsethief Park Trail
American Three-toed Woodpecker (4) (Alan Ketcham:Jim Merritt) first 1/6
++++Mueller State Park
American Three-toed Woodpecker (Roger Massey) last 1/6
++++Pancake Rocks Trail
American Three-toed Woodpecker (6) (Kevin Ash/Maynard) (first 1/3) 9;
last 1/5
(trail right after the Pancake Rocks trail diverges from Horsethief Falls
maybe the first 2/3 mile of that section; update: up to 1.7 miles)

Good Birding!

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