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Sally Bird and I birded Turri last Friday and witnessed 2 ravens vocalizing on the tower stick nest. We observed a Golden Eagle preening itself on a post well east of the tower, in a field along a section of Turri Road near the old dilapidated outbuilding on what we refer to as east Turri road. Last summer we observed 5 raucous ravens around the old windmill on West Turri, and because pink mouths were clearly visible we speculated they were the fledglings from 2017 spring's successful tower nest.
Jeri Edwards

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A side note to this observation: last February of 2017 I led a raptors class field trip for Cuesta College Community Programs and we observed a pair of golden eagles mating on a rock outcrop on the nearby hilltop and then one flew to perch on one of those same towers near Turri Rd. So, that stick nest on the tower should be studied this nesting season for the possibility of eagles, or ravens, nesting there.

Steve Schubert
Los Osos

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Subject: [slocobirding] Likely future Raven nest location

I don't typically disclose nest information but I believe this is far enough away from disturbance and on private property - hopefully no one will be climbing the tower! LOL
Driving on Turri Road from Morro Bay toward Los Osos Valley Road I stopped to watch a few raptors and ravens near the last curve and before you get to the high point and start down hill toward LOVR - where the high power lines cross Turri Rd. There was a vocalizing Raven perched high on the first tower on the east side of Turri Rd. It flew down to a platform on the left (from my location) side of the tower where I could see a mass of sticks, and vocalized again.

Additionally, just something I found interesting...a few months ago, taking the same route I saw a Raven drop into the tall dry grass and come up with a ground squirrel on the west side of the road and take it to the large rocks below that tower to consume it's prey. The past couple of years I've noticed a reduction of ground squirrel activity / holes in the greater area surrounding those towers. Also seems like there are fewer ground squirrels farther west around the windmill water tank - at the long straight stretch of road. I've seen as many as 5 Ravens in that area in the past.

Cheryl Lish Arroyo Grande

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