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Subject: Re: [AZNMbirds] RBA Tucson, AZ - 5 January 2018
For those on Facebook here's the video of Winter Wren #1:Diane Drobka

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Diane Drobka
An excited Winter Wren at Cluff Ranch Wildlife Area, south of Pima, this morning while birding with Jeff Coker a... | |



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Subject: [AZNMbirds] RBA Tucson, AZ - 5 January 2018

Hello Birders,

This update of Tucson Audubon Society's Rare BirdAlert for Southeast Arizona was made on January 5, 2018; the next update will be made on January 12. Phone your reports to 520-629-0510 X 3, oremail to rarebirdalert AT

SEVERAL IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS follow the sightings, includinginformation on temporary closures and rules for access to otherimportant birding areas. Abbreviation "m.ob." = multiple observers.  Anasterisk (*) preceding a species name in the list indicates that itmerits careful, full documentation. A pound sign (#) indicates thatbrief corroborating details are warranted.  Documentation and photos of review species may be submitted at ain/whatIsABC.html.

Where directions are not given, they can be found in the most recent edition of Tucson Audubon's "Finding Birds in Southeast Arizona". More information including updates may be found here: birding/finding-birds-in- southeast-arizona/.  For additional sightings in the region, please see the The Arizona-New Mexico Birding ListServ ( a/arc/aznmbirds).
For more information about Tucson Audubon field trips, lectures and educational opportunities, please see

#Eurasian Wigeon#Greater Scaup#Green Kingfisher#Yellow-bellied Sapsucker#Red-breasted Sapsucker#Eastern Phoebe*SINALOA WREN#Winter Wren#Pacific Wren#Black-capped Gnatcatcher#Rufous-backed Robin#Varied Thrush#Gray Catbird#Brown Thrasher#Louisiana Waterthrush*RUFOUS-CAPPED WARBLER#Clay-colored Sparrow#"Red" Fox Sparrow#McCown's Longspur#Lapland Longspur#Baltimore Oriole
Red-breasted Nuthatches and Red Crossbills continue to invade southeast Arizona – a recording is critical in separating the different types of crossbills: see
TUBAC area (annotated map: *SINALOA WREN was photographed on 1/1 (Bill Lisowsky, Steven Bonta) and continued on 1/5 (Antony Shrimpton). It was originally spotted along the De Anza Trail about 200 yards south of the crossing, but on 1/5 was seen near the old cars a little further south. It has been seen on both side of the river. Multiple #RUFOUS-BACKED ROBINS continued along Santa Gertrudis Lane on this week (m.ob.) across from #12. Remember to park along the frontage road and walk in. In Montosa Canyon (annotated map: a #BLACK-CAPPED GNATCATCHER continued this week on 12/31 (Ron Friesz) near the culvert, upstream of the concrete stream crossing.
GREEN VALLEY & the SANTA RITASIn Florida Canyon (annotated map:, *RUFOUS-CAPPED WARBLERS continued this week (m.ob.) in the West Fork near the dam. Directions: About 400 yards from parking lot is a metal gate, and just past the gate the canyon forks. The main trail follows the East Fork, but most sightings have been in the West Fork to the right. About 125 yards up the rough trail in the West Fork is a large water tank and a low dam. The oak grove is about 1/3 mile past the dam. Note: The trail for the West Fork can be difficult to find, and is steep and rough in places. If you see the sign with distances to Florida Saddle, Madera Canyon, etc you've missed the turn. It is not necessary, recommended or permissible to enter the research station to see these birds. #BLACK-CAPPED GNATCATCHERS continued in Florida Canyon this week (m.ob.); they've been seen near the Florida Canyon parking area and a short distance up the trail, and at the old corral at FR488 & 62A.In Madera Canyon (map:, #BLACK-CAPPED GNATCATCHERS continued along Proctor Rd this week (m.ob.).
TUCSON areaA #EURASIAN WIGEON continued at the Avra Valley WWTP on 1/5 (m.ob.); however, a likely Eurasian x American Wigeon hybrid is also present, so caution is warranted. The second bird has paler cheeks and a bit of black at the base of the bill. If the gate is locked, try the call box; gate is locked for the day at 2pm.A #GREATER SCAUP was reported at Kennedy Lake this week (m.ob.). Several Lesser Scaup are present as well.A #BROWN THRASHER continued on 1/5 (Joe Aliperti) from private property along Sabino Creek just outside the Sabino Canyon park boundary.A #GRAY CATBIRD continued in a neighborhood in northeast Tucson on 1/5 (Keith Kamper).At Sweetwater Wetlands the #BALTIMORE ORIOLE continued this week (m.ob.). A #CLAY-COLORED SPARROW was reported on 1/2 (Mark Stevenson, Molly Pollock).A #RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER was photographed on 1/1 (Keith Kamper) at the Miller Creek Trail in Happy Valley east of the Rincon Mountains.A #PACIFIC WREN was reported again in Marshall Gulch on Mt Lemmon on 1/4 (Brian Nicholas). A #VARIED THRUSH continued at Mud Spring on the Upper Palisades Trail (#99) on 1/3 (Brian Nicholas).A #WINTER WREN was reported at Cienega Creek Preserve (permit required) on 12/31 (Paul Suchanek, Brian Nicholas) near the Colossal Cave Rd bridge over the Pantano Wash in southeast Tucson. NOTE: This area is accessible from Colossal Cave Rd or the Gabe Zimmerman Davidson Canyon Trailhead. A special advance permit is required to visit this preserve; see: and annotated map:
WILLCOXA #EURASIAN WIGEON continued at Lake Cochise by the Twin Lakes Golf Course in Willcox on 1/5 (m.ob.).
PATAGONIAAt Patagonia Lake (annotated map:, a #GREATER SCAUP continued this week (m.ob.). #BLACK-CAPPED GNATCATCHERS continued this week (m.ob.) at the east end along the Birding Trail. A putative #RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER continued along Blue Haven Rd this week (m.ob.) between the Paton Center for Hummingbirds and the Patagonia- Sonoita Creek Preserve, though there was some debate over whether it was a hybrid – photos of the chest would help. Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve annotated map:
MAMMOTHA #GREATER SCAUP was photographed at the Mammoth WTP on 1/1 (Ed Dunn).
GRAHAM COUNTYA #YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER continued at Roper Lake SP on 12/30 (Jeff Coker, Diane Drobka).Two #WINTER WRENS were reported from the Cluff Pond #3 nature trail at Cluff Ranch WMA on 1/3 (Jeff Coker, Diane Drobka), about 200 yards from the parking area. One was where the nature trail first comes near the inlet stream and the other farther south along the nature trail and stream, about 30 meters downstream from the inlet pipe.
DUDLEYVILLEA #YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER and a #PACIFIC WREN were reported on the Dudleyville CBC on 1/1 (m.ob.).
SIERRA VISTA & the HUACHUCASAt the San Pedro House, two #LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSHES continued this week (m.ob.), one has been seen near marker #7 south of the bridge and one north of the bridge. A #GREEN KINGFISHER continued near the bridge (m.ob.).An #EASTERN PHOEBE continued and a #WINTER WREN was reported along the San Pedro north of the Hereford Bridge on 1/5 (David Wood).In Huachuca Canyon, a #PACIFIC WREN was reported again about 100 yards past the 1.7-mile parking area on 1/2 (Dave Stejskal, Andrew Core) and continued on 1/3 (Ron Beck).A #RUFOUS-BACKED ROBIN was reported at Ash Canyon B&B on 1/4 (Marky Mutchler).
PORTAL & the CHIRICAHUAS (annotated map: #"RED" FOX SPARROW continued in Whitetail Canyon on 1/1 (Rick Taylor). A #CLAY-COLORED SPARROW, a #GRAY CATBIRD and a #WINTER WREN were reported on the Portal CBC on 12/30 (fide Lori Conrad).
SONOITAA #LAPLAND LONGSPUR and a #MCCOWN'S LONGSPUR were reported from the Davis Pasture section of Las Cienegas NCA on 1/5 (Richard Fray).A #MCCOWN’S LONGSPUR was reported along Curly Horse Ranch Rd on 1/4 (Marky Mutchler).
AMADOA Brown Pelican continued at the Amado STP this week (m.ob.). 

ANNOUNCEMENTSThe revised 8th edition of Tucson Audubon's "Finding Birds in Southeast Arizona" is available here: birding/finding-birds-in- southeast-arizona/
TUCSON - Mosquito control operations are scheduled at Sweetwater Wetlands from 6:30-8:30am on Mondays during the warmer months (usually March - November).  The gate will open when operations are finished. Due to long-term construction, Roger Road WRF is closed. See our Sweetwater page ( what-we-do/visit/planning/loca tions/212.html) or ter/sweetwater for details. 
The Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department security procedures are subject to change any time. Please see the "bird watching" link on this page for important information regarding access: /government/wastewaterreclamat ion/
EL RIO OPEN SPACE PRESERVE/COACHLINE GRAVEL PIT - park in the paved lot in the southwest corner or along the south edge near the berm. Annotated map:
RAMSEY CANYON - Ramsey Canyon Preserve is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

ASH CANYON B&B: open dawn to dusk EXCEPT Wednesday, when open noon to dusk. Parking is limited; please carpool whenever possible. No need to call ahead.

FORT HUACHUCA - access requirements are posted on its official webpage at l/pages/des/accesscontrol.html . The Visitor Control Center is located at the Van Deman Gate on Hwy 90. The fort is an active military installation and will suspend your driving privileges on Post for 30 days on your first offense for talking or using a cell phone while driving. You MUST use a hands free device. Current entry requirements (subject to change without notice): US citizens must pass a background check and should be prepared to show photo ID for everyone in the vehicle at the entrance, and possibly your vehicle registration and insurance as well. Foreign nationals must be accompanied by an approved military escort; contact the base (520.533.7111), or possibly the Sierra Vista Visitor's Bureau (520.417.6960) well in advance. ACCESS NOTE: apparently some states driver's licenses do not meet federal requirements for base entry (KY, ME, MT, PA, SC, MN, MO, and WA); see blic-faqs or ages/des/visitoraccess.html for details.
SANTACRUZ FLATS: Management at the Evergreen Turf Sod Farm has asked birders not to drive into the property (i.e., the 2750 road); birding from perimeter roads (i.e., Tweedy or Pretzer) is still fine.

AVRA VALLEY WRF: Gates open 7AM and close PROMPTLY at 2PM (do not linger, you will be locked inside).

GREEN VALLEY WRF: under construction, access uncertain. When open, use the call box at the gate, sign in and out at the office, and stay away from buildings and construction equipment.



Good birding!

Andrew Core
SEAZ RBA Compiler - Tucson, AZ
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