Date: 12/31/17 12:16 pm
From: 'Lucy and Bob Duncan' <robertaduncan...> [albirds] <albirds-noreply...>
Subject: [ALBIRDS] How to make a CBC summary report from your eBird list(s)
The following was on the Louisiana bird listserv posted by Van Remsen, and
may be very helpful to other birders who are CBC participants.

Lucy Duncan

Subject: How to make a CBC summary report from your eBird list(s)
Date: Sun Dec 31 2017 11:30 am
From: najames AT

LABIRD: many or most of us do eBird our CBC lists, and those of us who break
up our CBC lists into 2 or more lists of fewer than 5-miles (eBird Best
Practices policy for mapping bird data) are faced with combining multiple
lists into a single report to give to the compiler. Not sure if the
following is simpler than doing it by hand, but it definitely avoids having
to add two more columns by hand. The following takes just a couple of
minutes (minus any additional cosmetic formatting) and also produces a
spreadsheet that may be handy for the beleaguered compilers:

In My eBird under My Checklists

1. Click Summarize MyObservations

2. Click Week Report and the date of your CBC.

3. Select the localities from displayed list

4. Hit Species Totals tab on the right end of the subsequent display of
species and numbers

5. Hit Download this report

6. Create a new Workbook in Excel

7. Under File menu, hit Import (in Mac anyway)

8. Click Text File and Import and grab the downloaded text file from eBird
and follow the steps (e.g. Delimited and Tab and General and Finish

Presto, you have list in eBird order with the Species Count column being the
sum of your listsT totals for that species.

Then, just delete superfluous columns and text.


Dr. J. V. Remsen

Prof. of Natural Science and Curator of Birds

Museum of Natural Science/Dept. Biological Sciences

LSU, Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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