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Although there was probably little grassland habitat at Taylor and 3rd, Bluebirds have come from basically non-existent to very common. They are frequent visitors to Guadalupe River Park at Taylor and Coleman, only a few blocks away from 3rd, and when I say frequent, I really mean they are now always there somewhere. I credit our nest box program, which is very active at GRP.

Mike Azevedo
Nest box Coordinator

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Subject: [SBB] An Odd Visitor - Western Bluebird?

Today, Thursday at approximately 2:30pm my friend and I saw what we think was a drab adult Western Bluebird on 3rd St between Taylor and Jackson near Japantown. We are 95 percent sure, although we have a little room for doubt as it seems like an unlikely place to spot a Bluebird.
The size, bill, and demeanor fit the characteristics of a Bluebird, and the plumage was mostly gray with a faded rusty chest, a blue tail and coverts. It was a brief look, and neither of us recalls noticing an eye ring before we lost sight of it - probably due to surprise! We did comb the Sibley and also scoured online photos to help determine id.
Any thoughts?
Happy birding and New Year.

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