Date: 12/27/17 2:08 pm
From: David Ray <cardcards...>
Subject: Re: No Snowy Owl
I call them snowy bags.
David Ray

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> On Dec 27, 2017, at 3:20 PM, Ragupathy Kannan <0000013b0ad14faf-dmarc-request...> wrote:
> The "Snowy Owl" that Sandy Berger and I saw in the middle of a Charleston prairie recently turned out to be a *&^% white cat. It's amazing how many "Snowy Owls" you see when you passionately look for them.
> Is this a lesson for IBWO searchers? Rhetorical question.
> On Wednesday 27 December 2017, 2:55:41 PM GMT-6, Glenn <000001214b3fcb01-dmarc-request...> wrote:
> This is the time of year where my wife and I are always scanning the trees, looking for a Snowy Owl. Do I expect to find one? No. I might as well look for a ptarmigan while I'm at it. But, maybe we will spot a Kreider's Hawk while we are looking.
> This is the time of year when we come to realize how many white plastic bags are stuck in the trees. We call them Snowy Owls.
> Glenn Wyatt
> Cabot

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