Date: 12/7/17 3:12 am
From: Joyce Takamine <jabirujt...>
Subject: [cobirds] Colorado Rare Bird Alert, 7 December 2017
Compiler: Joyce Takamine
e-mail: RBA AT
Date: December 7, 2017

This is the Rare Bird Alert for Thursday, December 7 sponsored by Denver
Field Ornithologists and the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies.

Highlight species include: (* indicates new information on this species)
NOTE: The RBA is now using the new AOU checklist and the order of families
has changed.

Greater White-fronted Goose (Arapahoe, El Paso)
BRANT (Douglas)
Cackling Goose (Pueblo)
Tundra Swan (Weld)
Wood Duck (Jefferson)
Greater Scaup (Jefferson)
Surf Scoter (*Logan, *Ouray)
White-winged Scoter (Grand, Mesa, Montezuma)
Long-tailed Duck (Mesa, Summit)
Barrow’s Goldeneye (Chaffee, Garfield, Grand, Pueblo, San Miguel)
Northern Bobwhite (*Logan)
Sharp-tailed Grouse (Weld)
Sandhill Crane (Boulder, Delta, Fremont, Moffat, Montezuma)
Mew Gull (Pueblo)
Iceland Gull (Kiowa, Weld)
Glaucous Gull (*Logan, Weld)
Great Black-backed Gull (Pueblo, Weld)
Pacific Loon (Weld)
Great Egret (Delta)
HARRIS’S HAWK (*Larimer)
Peregrine Falcon (Fremont)
Least Flycatcher (Jefferson)
Hammond’s Flycatcher (Boulder)
Pinyon Jay (Chaffee)
Steller’s Jay (Mesa)
Chichuahuan Raven (El Paso)
Violet-green Swallow (Mesa)
Pygmy Nuthatch (Morgan, Phillips)
Carolina Wren (Pueblo)
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Boulder, Mesa)
Hermit Thrush (Arapahoe)
Gray Catbird (Arapahoe, Weld)
Evening Grosbeak (Fremont)
Rosy-Finch (Teller)
Gray-crowned Rosy- Finch (Weld)
Lincoln’s Sparrow (Jefferson, Otero)
Swamp Sparrow (Boulder)
White-throated Sparrow (Mesa, Otero)
Harris’s Sparrow (Adams, Jefferson, Larimer)
Rusty Blackbird (Weld)
Black-and-white Warbler (Larimer)
Common Yellowthroat (Broomfield)
Yellow Warbler (Mesa)
Chestnut-sided Warbler (Pueblo)
Yellow-throated Warbler (Pueblo)
Prairie Warbler (Pueblo)
Summer Tanager (Mesa)
Northern Cardinal (Otero)

---On November 30 at First Creek at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, Eric
DeFonso reported Harris’s Sparrow.

---On December 2 at Highline Canal Trail Blackmer Lake area, Jared Del
Rosso reported Hermit Thrush and Gray Catbird.
---On December 5 at Cherry Creek Campground, Bob Righter reported Greater
White-fronted Goose.

---On December 2 at Twin Lakes, Peter Gent reported Hammond’s Flycatcher.
---On November 30 near Lagerman Reservoir, Kat Bradley-Bennett reported 24
Sandhill Cranes.
---On November 30 at Hall ranch W of Lyons, Emily Hertenstein reported
Sandhill Cranes.
---On December 2 at Boulder Creek at 75th St, Steve Frye and his field trip
reported Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Swamp Sparrow and European Goldfinch. The
Goldfinch was just west of the parking lot; later in the day Chris Gilbert
was about to relocated the goldfinch across Boulder Creek. On December 3
at Boulder Creek and 7th St. Willem van Vliet reported European Goldfinch.

---On December 2 at Plaster Reservoir, Matt Hofeditz reported Common
Yellowthroat. On December 3 at Plaster Reservoir, Matt Hofeditz reported
Common Yellowthroat.

---On November 30 at Buena Vista Ice Pond as viewed from road, Christian
Hagenlocher reported 4 Barrow’s Goldeneyes and 280 Pinyon Jays.

---On November 30 at Confluence Park, Carol Ortenizo reported 5 Sandhill
---On December 3 at Johnson’s Pond near G50 road, Mike Henwood reported
Great Egret.
---On December 4 at G50 Rd, Andre Robinsong reported 340 Sandhill Cranes
and Great Egret.

---On December 3 at Denver City Park, John Breitsch spotted a Common
Redpoll on the DFO Field Trip led by Patrick O’Driscoll at retention pond
along 17th Ave, SE of Ferril Lake.

---On December 3 at Parker Regional Park (aka Salisbury Equestrian Park),
Rebecca Laroche reported BRANT.

---On December 1 at Memorial Park and Prospect Lake, Alan and Mary Lynne
Ketcham reported Great White-fronted Goose. On December 4 at Memorial
Park and Prospect Lake, Kevin Ash reported Greater White-fronted Goose.
---On November 26 at Midway Landfill, Art Hudak and Mark Chavez reported 5
Chihuahuan Ravens. On November 28 at Midway Landfill, Chris Brobin
reported Chihuahuan Raven.

---On November 28 at Brush Hollow Reservoir, Jerry DeBoer reported 12
Sandhill Cranes.
---On December 4 at Canon City Riverwalk Sells Lake to S Raynolds, Jerry
DeBoer reported Peregrine Falcon and Evening Grosbeaks.

---On December 4 at Rifle Gap SP, JoAnn Riggle reported Barrow’s Goldeneye.

---On December 1 at Lake Grandy, Paul Slingsby and DFO Field Trip reported
6 Barrow’s Goldeneyes.
---On December 1 at Shadow Mountain Lake, Paul Slingsby and DFO Field Trip
reported White-winged Scoter and Barrow’s Goldeneyes.

---On December 6 at Robert A Easton Regional Park, David Suddjian and DFO
Field Trip reported Greater Scaup.
---On December 6 at Harriman Lake Park, David Suddjian and DFO Field Trip
reported pair of Wood Ducks, 1-st yr Harris’s Sparrow, Least Flycatcher;
Brian Johnson reported Greater Scaup.
---On December 6 at Westminster City Park, Kim Mauritz reported 2 Common

---On November 30 at Arapaho Bend Strauss House, Willa photographed a
---On December 2 at Boyd Lake, Nick Komar reported 1st-cyc GLAUCOUS-WINGED
---On December 3 at CSU Environmental Learning Center, John Shenot , Sara
and Brandon Nooner reported Black-and-white Warbler. On December 4 at CSU
Environmental Learning Center, Lori Zabel reported Black-and-white Warbler.
---On December 3 at Welch Reservoir in Berthoud, Walter Wehtje and Nick
Komar reported Red-necked Grebe.
---On December 3 at Lonetree Reservoir, Walter Wehtje and Nick Komar
reported Winter Wren.

---On December 5 at Tamarack ranch SWA, Steve Larson reported m PURPLE
FINCH and 8 Northern Bobwhite.
---On December 5 at Jumbo Reservoir, Steve Larson reported Surf Scoter and
Glaucous Gull.

---On November 30 at Whitewater Ponds, Carol Ortenzio reported Long-tailed
---On November 28 at Colorado River SP Fuita Section, Mike Henwood reported
White-winged Scoter on Bookcliff Pond (smaller pond to north). On December
3 at Colorado River SP Fruita Section, Carol Ortenzio reported White-winged
---On November 30 at Grand Juncion SW, Mike Henwood and Katey Buster
reported White-throated Sparrow and Steller’s Jay.
---On December 1 at Grand Junction, Connee Moffatt reported a pair of
Summer Tanagers visited her yard in Grand Junction. On December 3 the
female Summer Tanager returned. On December 4 at home of Jim and Connee
Moffat, Carol Ortenzio, Eileen Cunningham, and Kathleen McGinley reported f
Summer Tanager. If you would like updates and try to see the bird,
contact her at <jcmoffatt_5...>
---On December 3 at Connected Lakes SP Blue Heron Section, Drew Kelly
reported Violet-green Swallow.

---On November 30 in two of Craig, Jan Leonard reported 130 Sandhill Cranes.

---On December 2 at Narraquinip Reservoir, Jim Beatty reported a 1st-year
White-winged Scoter.
---On December 5 at Totten Reservoir, Erick Hendrickson reported 4 Sandhill

---On November 30 at Rocky Ford SWA, David Dowell reported pair of Wood
Ducks, Lapland Longspur, 4 Common Redpoll, and Northern Cardinal.

---On December 6 at Ridgway Reservoir Dallas Creek, Betty Fenton reported
Surf Scoter.

---On November 30 at Pueblo City Park, Coen Dexter and Brenda Wright
reported Yellow-throated Warbler.
---On November 29 at Pueblo Reservoir South Shore Marina Tires, Alan
Ketcham reported Great Black-backed Gull. On November 30 at Pueblo
Reservoir South Shore Marina, Brenda Wright and Coen Dexter reported Great
Black-backed Gull. On December 3 at Pueblo Reservoir South Shore Marina,
David Tonnessen, Alan, and Mary Lynne Ketcham reported Great Black-backed
---On November 25 at Arkansas River Trail Reservoir Road to train bridge,
Paul Hurtado reported 2 Barrow’s Goldeneyes and Chestnut-sided Warbler; Van
Truan reported on trail east of Pueblo Blvd, 2 Barrow’s Goldeneyes,
Carolina Wren, and Chestnut-sided Warbler; Steve Mlodinow reported
Chestnut-sided Warbler. On November 27 on Arkansas River Trail east of
Pueblo Blvd, Monday Birders reported Carolina Wren. On December 3 on
Arkansas River Trail east of Pueblo Blvd, David Tonnessen reported Carolina
Wren and Chestnut-sided Warbler.
---On December 5 at Pueblo Reservoir below the dam, Brandon Percival and
Leon Bright reported Prairie Warbler.
---On December 5 at Pueblo Reservoir below the dam, John Drummond reported
ad Mew Gull.

---On December 4 at Miramonte Reservoir, George Steele reported Barrow’s

---On December 2 at Dillon Reservoir, Doug Ward reported ad f Long-tailed
Ducks at Snake River Inlet Trailhead at junction of Hwy 6 and Swan Mt Road.

---On December 4 at Victor, Cici Lee reported Rosy-Finches have returned in
small numbers.

---On November 28 at Black Hollow Reservoir, Steve Mlodinow reported 2
Iceland (Thayer’s) Gulls, Iceland (Kumlieni) Gull, Greater Black-backed
Gull. On December 3 at Black Hollow Reservoir, Gene Rutherford reported
Greater Black-backed Gull and Iceland (Thayer’s) Gull.
---On November 28 at Poudre Ponds on 35th Ave in Greeley, Aaron Yappert
reported Red Fox Sparrow. On December 2 at Poudre Ponds on 35th Ave in
Greeley, Gene Rutherford reported Red Fox Sparrow. On December 6 on Poudre
River Trail approx. 80-90 yards east of 35th Ave bridge, Joe Mammoser
reported Red Fox Sparrow. It was foraging around base of some small trees
in river bed below paved trail.
---On December 2 at Frank SWA, Steve Mlodinow reported 2 Rusty Blackbirds.
---On December 2 at Pawnee NG Glover, Tracy Pheneger reported Sharp-tailed
Grouse, 85 Lapland Longspurs and Snow Bunting.
---On December 3 at CR 111 between CR 124 and CR 128 near Grover, Gene
Rutherford reported 5 Sharp-tailed Grouse.
---On December 3 on CR 107 between CR 112 and CR 118 near Grover, Gene
Rutherford reported 2 Sharp-tailed Grouse.
---On December 3 at Pawnee NG at CR 136 and CR 105, Joey Kellner and Kathy
Mihm Dunning reported 16 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches on power lines and 1
Gray-crowned (Helpburn’s) Rosy-Finch.
---On December 5 at Horse Creek Reservoir, Steve Mlodinow reported 6 ad
Tundra Swans and 2 Lapland Longspur.
---On December 5 at Prospect Reservoir, Steve Mlodinow reported 2 Iceland
(Thayer’s) Gulls, Glaucous Gull, and Gray Catbird.
---On December 5 at Union Reservoir, Steve Mlodinow reported Pacific Loon.

DFO Field Trip:
The DFO Field Trip for Saturday, December 9 will be to First Creek at RM
Arsenal led by John Breitsch AT; 303-588-0552) Directions:
From East Denver take 56th Ave east toward Pena Blvd. First Creek parking
lot is just before Pena on you left (north). Or take I-70 east to Pena
Blvd, Drive north to 56th Ave Exit. Turn left at the light and at the
bottom of the off ramp, pass under the highway and turn right almost
immediately, into the First Creek parking lot. Meet at 0730.
There are currently no restroom facilities. This trip starys at the
same parking lot as first creek at DEN Open Spae and walks up Buckley Road,
but then we will turn west at the creek instead of east. This will be a
trip mostly looking for raptors. Register online or contact leader.

The DFO Field Trip for Sunday, December 10 will be to Cherry Creek SP
Wetlands Loop led by Karen von Saltza (kvonsaltza AT;
303-941-4881). Directions: Meet at 0900 at the Prairie Loop lot in
Cherry Creek SP. From either park entrance, follow Lake View Rd to the
Prairie Loop which is located at the south rim of the reservoir. State
Parks pass or day pass required.
This is a half day of walking that passes through most of the important
habitats found in the park over a distance of about 3 miles. Trails cold
be slippery or muddy. Bring water and snacks; Lunch optional. Register
online or contact leader.

The DFO Field Trip for Monday, December 11 will be to the Ken Caryl Valley
Area led by David Suddjian (dsuddjian AT; 831-713-8659). This
trip is full.
Good Birding,
Joyce Takamine

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