Date: 11/9/17 4:21 am
From: Kevin Wehner <kevinwehner...>
Subject: Re: ebird question
Login to eBird, click “My eBird,” click "Manage My Location," find this
location on the list and click “Edit.” A map will display. Click “Move” and
then click the the actual location on the map. A “Move” button will
display. Click that button and you’re done!

Kevin Wehner
Columbia, MO

On November 8, 2017 at 10:59:25 PM, Kathleen A Anderson (
<andersonka...>) wrote:

I have been moving old bird records from Avisys into ebird. Here's a

I was at an ASM meeting on a field trip to Riverlands led by Jim Malone.
We were on Riverlands Way where it turns and goes to the parking lot by the
dam. If you go straight, you would go to the Confluence. There is a sign
maybe a third down that road to the dam that marks the IL state line. We
were standing next to that sign and saw a Blackpoll Warbler on the IL
If you go to ebird maps, the state line goes down the middle of the MI
River. Either I am missing something or there is no way that I can enter
my Blackpoll Warbler in ebird at the location I saw it.

Does anybody have a solution to my problem?
Thank you,
Kathleen Anderson, Columbia
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