Date: 10/11/17 12:07 pm
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Subject: Re: Birds are scarce.
I’ve been seeing a bluebird pair checking out the favored nest box for the past two weeks… not sure if they are pre-booking for Spring or if this is normal behavior…

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Subject: Birds are scarce.

I guess our yard is like the rest of your yards, very few birds. We had a Phoebe pass through about a week ago. A male Bluebird showed up for a brief visit though I think he is part of the pair that is in residence in our neighborhood and unsuccessfully tries to raise in our backyard box. Other than that, I think our last female hummer left last Sat. We did have a female Summer Tanager inspect our water feature along with a fall warbler I couldn't identify. Dark grayish back with a yellow olive nape and upper breast, a light grayish lower breast and bold wing bars. I tried Sibley, it could have been one of four or five, but ??? We still have the common yard birds and the occasional visits by the bh and wb nuthatches. I guess we're all seeing migration and the empty nest syndrome. Hang in there birders.

Jerry Schulz
Little Rock, Arkansas

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