Date: 8/10/17 7:40 pm
From: Isaac Denzer <bartailedgodwit...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Corvallis CHIMNEY SWIFT--8/6/2016
Yes I meant 2017. Thanks, Oscar.

On 8/10/2017 5:18 PM, Oscar Harper wrote:
> I think Isaac meant 2017 :) or is he living in the past?
> On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 9:54 AM, Isaac Denzer
> <bartailedgodwit...> <mailto:<bartailedgodwit...>> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I found a Chimney Swift in Corvallis (to the west of the Reser
> Stadium) on Sunday, Aug 6th. My description along with other
> details can be found at the bottom of this email. The swift was
> found in a residential area with a mid sized group of VASWs (about
> 140-150). I do not feel comfortable disclosing the exact location
> of this bird as I'm not sure the locals would appreciate having
> loads of birders outside their houses all the time. Also I did not
> fell comfortable sharing this information right away for similar
> reasons as mention above. However, it would be well worth checking
> larger swift roosts in the area as it may have moved to one.
> If this record is accepted by the OBRC it will be Oregon'f fourth
> record and a first for Benton County.
> Happy swift hunting,
> Isaac Denzer
> I saw what I am positive was a Chimney Swift in Corvallis on the
> evening of 8/6/17 at about 8:20 PM. I saw and heard it at close
> range with a flock of about 140 Vaux's Swifts while my mom was
> stopping by a friends house. I want to keep this very quite as it
> is a residential neighborhood, and the people living in the area
> may not feel comfortable having a pack of people running around
> outside their yards with cameras and binoculars, so this checklist
> will be hidden until I believe the bird to be gone.
> First seen at 8:21 PM while watching a flock of about 140 Vaux's
> Swifts and last seen at about 8:30. I did not have any optics or
> other birding gear on me at the time, but the Chimney Swift (along
> with about 40 Vaux's) was flying quite close to me and I got some
> very good views. I feel 100% confident of the ID.
> My over all impression was of a larger swift (in comparison to the
> nearby Vaux's), it appeared have a comparatively longer tail and
> somewhat narrower wings and a noticeably darker rump and throat.
> After first seeing this bird I got quite excited and started
> listening for Chimney Swift calls. After a couple minutes I heard
> it call, I heard it one more time after that and saw it twice
> more. The call did not sound like any VASW I have ever heard. The
> best description of the call I can find is in the Sibley Guide to
> the birds of North America. Sibley describes it as "single high,
> hard chips run together into a rapid, uneven, twittering,
> chattering series". VASW calls should have a higher tone than the
> bird I heard and the chips should be followed by a buzzy trill. I
> have heard and seen Chimney Swifts on the east coast, and this
> bird seemed to be a very good fit. As mentioned above Vaux's
> should be about 10% smaller, have comparatively shorter, narrower
> wings and a shorter tail and have a considerably paler throat and
> rump. Also the Chimney seemed to have some bulging on the edges of
> the primaries, whereas the Vaux's appeared to have pretty straight
> edges to the primaries.
> Ruling out of other somewhat similar species: Similar tropical
> species ruled out by voice, plumage and certain structural
> differences. The only tropical swift lookalike to Chimney Swift is
> the Chapman's Swift and its call is quite different from those of
> a Chimney. Also any tropical swift in Oregon would be VERY
> unlikely. Black Swift should be much bigger and darker overall,
> with broader tail and longer wings, also they should have a
> different flight style and calls. White-throated Swift should be
> larger and have a white throat, white patches on sides of rump and
> white tips to secondaries, also a longer tail, different flight
> style and different calls. Purple Martin would be much bigger,
> bulkier and darker (if a male) or have a pale belly (if a female)
> and a notched tail, along with a very different flight style and
> calls. Other swallows have different flight style, calls and pale
> bellies along with other field marks of which I can go into more
> detail in if needed. Also many of the species above would probably
> not be found flocking with Vaux's Swift.
> Unfortunately I did not have any birding equipment on me, not even
> my phone to record the calls with. This report is written from
> memory (as I couldn't find any paper either...).
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