Date: 7/24/17 11:47 am
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Subject: Re: Excellent service from Swarovski
My experience with Nikon...Twice I have sent binoculars to them to be
"cleaned", and both times they sent me a new pair of binoculars (the same
type as what I sent in). No charge.

John Fussell
Morehead City, NC

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Subject: Re: Excellent service from Swarovski

Bausch & Lomb realigned my 10x42 Elites at no charge even though it was well
beyond the 10 yr. warranty period and the damage was caused by me. They did
state however that the next "tuneup" would not be free.

Len Kopka
Simpsonville, SC

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What follows is an example of the importance of after-sales service of

In February 2013 I bought new Swarovski EL 8.5 X 42 binoculars. I have been
very pleased with their performance. However, over a period of time the
protective exterior layer had started to become detached causing bubbling
underneath that layer.
In June I contacted Swarovski via email and immediately (30 minutes!)
received a response with instructions about how to return the bins to
Swarovski for service.
I was told that it could be 4 to 6 weeks before the repaired binoculars were
returned to me.
I asked if they could possibly be returned by July 22 at the latest because
I would be going on a birding trip on the 23rd. They said that they would do
their best.
Yesterday, July 21, I received a phone call from Swarovski telling me that
the binoculars would be delivered the following morning.
At 10.30 this morning they arrived at my home.

Not only had the exterior covering been repaired or replaced but Swarovski
had also conducted a full inspection and cleaning (internal and external),
aligned the binoculars, repaired the focus mechanism, and replaced the
eye-cups. They had also returned them overnight for Saturday morning
All at no charge to me!

Contrast that with the following actions of 2 other manufacturers.
Several years ago I had a couple of problems with Zeiss binoculars. The
focus adjustment had seized and would not budge. Zeiss charged me $120 to
repair the mechanism. I was informed that the warranty applied to "optics
Some time later when the external rubber protection started to come unstuck
I contacted Zeiss and was told that they could fix it but it would cost me
an amount that they could not estimate until I sent them the binoculars. I
fixed it myself with super glue.

A pair of Nikon Monarch binoculars which, soon after purchase, showed an
eye-cup to be defective resulted in a charge of $20: $10 for a new eye-cup,
$10 mailing fee! When I complained to the quality director at Nikon I was
informed that they "have their policies". So for $20 they lost me as a
future customer.

In all 3 cases I was fully satisfied with the product itself. But in the
case of Zeiss and Nikon I was totally dissatisfied with their service. I
sincerely hope that their aervice has improved since my experiences.

For me Swarovski sets the standard for both product and service. For them a
life-time warranty is real, not something to wriggle out of.

Paul Serridge
Greenville, SC

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