Date: 7/23/17 5:37 pm
From: R. Farrell <pollypie...>
Subject: RE: [MASSBIRD] Gooseberry Neck (Westport) shearwater phenomenon
In years when Cory's Shearwaters are recorded close to shore off Gooseberry
Neck, MA, and Jamestown, RI, many are found in Vineyard Sound, as far north
as Quicks and Robinsons Holes between the Elizabeth Islands. During these
occurrences, there are a few in the Buzzards Bay waters off Pasque and
Nashawena Islands. I've never seen Cory's farther north. It's possible that
the Cory's Shearwaters off Gooseberry Neck were in Vineyard Sound later that
day or the next.

In June, Sooty Shearwaters can be seen as far north as 2-3 miles off the
shore of West Falmouth Harbor in upper Buzzards Bay.

In fall and early winter, Northern Gannets are common in upper Buzzards Bay,
as far north as Bourne and into the Cape Cod Canal. I have photos of
gannets flying over my head as I walked the shoreline in Falmouth.

Rachel Farrell


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Subject: [MASSBIRD] Gooseberry Neck (Westport) shearwater phenomenon

For those of you who do not receive eBird alerts, I'm sorry this is so

There has been a very unusually large concentration of shearwaters (almost
entirely Cory's) passing by the tip of Gooseberry neck each morning.
Yesterday, there was a very surprising AUDUBON'S SHEARWATER and 2 distant
Sooty's, mixed in with 9 Greats and 636! Cory's. (Complete list and comments

Today, we had a very slow start with the first shearwaters not arriving
until 6am, and numbers not building until just after 7am. However, then the
floodgates opened and we had a constant stream of birds moving by for
another 2 hours (they were still moving when we left, but had slowed down
drastically). (All this is in sharp contrast to previous mornings where
birds were moving at dawn, and peak was between 6 and 7, with very little
after 8am.) We ended today with 1397(!!!) Cory's, 5 Greats, and 4 Manx.
(List with comments

We do not know when this started, but it potentially has been happening for
a while now. I was there midday on June 30th and had 21 Cory's and 1 Great
( so I would guess that
there has been near daily movement at least since then.

No one knows where these birds are going, so if anyone has the time to look
anywhere along Buzzards Bay, I would love to know the outcome (positive or

For those interested in following this, I would recommend checking in on the
'recent visits' tab of the Gooseberry Neck hotspot for lists
<> &m=

Each day has yielded higher numbers of Cory's, so maybe this is just the

Happy seabirding,

Liam Waters


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