Date: 7/22/17 9:21 am
From: Sharon Turner <sharxxturner...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] red breasted merganser July 19 in Mt. Tabor
Behind a house on Mount Tabor Ave. next to the white rocksState park in the Green Mountains National Forest. The house has otter creek in the yard with plentyof brush by the creek and in the yard with many trees both deciduous andconifer, and many areas of tall grass and wildflowers. There was a pair of birds drifting on thewater with merganser bodies and head and bill. There was a definitive red eye and red/brown bill and there was brown/grayon the back, and a brown head. I hadabout 5 seconds in very good binoculars to see the birds before they quietly driftedinto a patch of weeds in the creek. Nexttime, if there is a next time, I will bring a camera to this unique wildlifeviewing habitat that has been display to rare sightings of birds and even amoose in labor. I wonder if they are acommon/red breasted cross because of the time of year I am seeing them. Any questions or thoughts please email me at <sharxxturner...>

Sharon Turner

"Don't cry because its over.
Smile because it happened."
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