Date: 7/12/17 6:39 pm
From: rtcox <birder1...>
Subject: Re: Baltimore Oriole,
I have a pair of male Baltimore Orioles here. Unusual 2 note calls and other activities got my attention. One has been chasing a female but I have not had good looks at her.

SW Gillette; lots of trees

RT Cox
Gillette Wyoming

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YOU LUCKY, GAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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> Good morning birders, This morning I had a Baltimore Oriole at my
> feeders. I thought I had one about 2 weeks ago, but never got a good
> look at him. Today he has been in and out several times. He came on
> my deck feeder for a really good look. He mostly likes my suet
> feeder. I have an orange with jelly out but have yet to see him go
> for this. I had a strange call 2 note call in a tree a couple of days
> ago. I looked it up but could not find it on my bird pro. This morning I found it under Juv.
> Baltimore Oriel calls. The adult
> male at my feeders has the complete black hood with too white wing bars.
> Jean, Sundance, Wy.
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