Date: 5/18/17 1:08 pm
From: Sandy Berger <sndbrgr...>
Subject: Re: IMBD and Global Big Day -results
I had 101 in Crawford county, and it's not even on there cause I entered it
as a county and one checklist instead of a bunch of checklists. Go figure.

Sandy B.

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 5:06 PM Dottie Boyles <ctboyles...>

> Butch and all,
> The website is:
> Scroll down to ‘Explore a Region’, type in Arkansas or you can just type
> in a County name and hit Enter.
> On the right side of the screen, it will give you the Top eBirders for
> Arkansas and Top Counties.
> For detailed information you can click on Top 100 eBirders or All Counties
> to see where you rank.
> Currently Arkansas came in 46th out of 51 states and the District of
> Columbia, with 170 species. At least that is up from last night when I
> checked and we were ranked 47.
> Last year we were #45 with 175 species. In 2015 we were #40 with 182
> species. Apparently there has been a decline in the number of species
> reported each year.
> That information can be found by clicking on the United States (in blue)
> located right under Arkansas. Then, again, on the right hand side, search
> Top States/Provinces – All States/Provinces.
> Benton Co. kept their top spot with 106 species, down from 125 in 2016.
> Pulaski Co. dropped from 2nd place the past two years to 4th with 90
> species, although that's only 3 less from 2016. Not too bad considering a
> lot of Pulaski Co birders were at Mount Magazine for the weekend.
> Which brings me to Logan County which had 0 birds for 2016, they came in
> 3rd with 91 species.
> Also, at the top of the page (under Arkansas) you will see a box that says
> “Global Big Day May 13, 2017” with a drop down arrow. Change the date,
> click “Set” and it will give you the results of the past three years.
> You can also search other states the same way if you have friends that
> participated.
> Results are still being tallied, so rankings can still change.
> There were two counties that for some reason didn’t get their species
> counted. Miller and Crawford. I think the person who birded Miller County
> just needs to change their checklist from PM (nocturnal) to AM and that
> checklist will count. Not sure why the species for Crawford Co. didn’t
> count, I’ve emailed the Birdman about it.
> Dottie
> On Wed, 17 May 2017 15:49:45 -0500, Gmail <butchchq8...> wrote:
> Actually, I never have seen any tallies from the IMBD/Big Day Challenge.
> I was able to go out on Sunday, the day after. I started at Coler Preserve
> in Bentonville, moved on to Lake Bella Vista, then to Tanyard Creek Trail.
> This produced a variety of species totaling 39. Charlie Craig Fish Hatchery
> was pretty slow due to none of ponds being down, and there was only Spotted
> Sandpiper there representing shorebirds. Then I went to Eagle Watch in
> Gentry and Chesney Prairie. Bobwhites and Dickcissel where calling
> everywhere. I finished with another stop at Charlie Craig. 69 species was
> my count. The best birds of the day were Painted Bunting, juvenile
> Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Loggerhead Shrike, and a pair of Western Kingbirds
> all seen with clear view. The kingbirds were an especially pleasant
> surprise, even more so that they didn't mind my skidding to a halt and
> sliding 10 feet on a gravel road and quickly backing up to get a look a
> what had to be my imagination playing tricks on me. But there they were on
> a barbed-wire fence as plain as day. Score!
> Yes, a good day of birding! I hope others enjoyed as much as I did.
> Butch Tetzlaff
> Bentonville

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