Date: 4/30/17 5:06 am
From: Judy & Don <9waterfall9...>
Subject: Re: Scarlet Tanager on mulberry tree
Great report!!! Thanks. J

On Apr 30, 2017, at 6:12 AM, Ragupathy Kannan <0000013b0ad14faf-dmarc-request...> wrote:

> A brilliant male Scarlet Tanager was a welcome visitor to my mulberry tree yesterday -- first time noted ever. The good feelings were marred a bit at the discovery of a dead male Rose-breasted Grosbeak under the tree, apparently having flown into the glass on the garage door.
> Other notables: Catbirds sneak in only at twilight; Swainsons Thrushes are always around but forage in the dense interior of the tree (I am trying to have my two students learn their songs--the birds are heard more often than seen); the female Painted Bunting was back yesterday, but why have I never seen the male here?....strange......massive roving flocks of Cedar Waxwings.
> Last week Jerry Davis kindly shared some wonderful photos of birds on mulberry trees. One of them was a Scarlet Tanager male. I set that aside thinking this bird never comes to my tree so why bother. Little did I know. Thanks, Jerry.
> Kannan
> Ft. Smith

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