Date: 4/20/17 8:33 am
From: Bill Hilton Jr. <research...>
Subject: Hilton Pond 04/01/17 (Bird Eggs)
I suspect my birding friends in West Virginia will be interested in this. See you soon!

Childhood myths are fun, but (spoiler alert!) storks don't really bring babies and bird eggs come from birds, not live-bearing rabbits. Even so, how birds go about producing hard-shelled eggs is pretty fascinating stuff, so that's the topic for "This Week at Hilton Pond" for 1-16 Apr 2017. I've put together a non-technical photo essay that explains a female bird's reproductive system and delves into other topics related to egg-laying--and there are even a few words about cowbirds.

After viewing the latest installment, scroll down for miscellaneous Nature Notes & Images plus lists of all birds banded and recaptured during April's first half. I do all this for you, so please take a look and share with your friends, Facebook and otherwise.

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Happy Nature Watching!


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