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Subject: [cobirders] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for April 14, 2017
Hello cobirders,

Our report is called Rare Bird Alert because search engines find it
better. The report is really "Uncommon Bird Report" Not all uncommon
birds are rare birds. Birders may want to know where to see them anyway!
Without being a member, "cobirders" can be read at:

Report Uncommon Birds at: 303-324-7994 or

NOTE: Reports do not confirm sightings. Choose to chase at your own risk
and expense.!
NOTE: With the many reports coming in daily this spring, RBA will reflect
daily sightings, not long term sightings, visit Colorado Birding Society's
website everyday!

Reports added: 4/13
Adams (Barn Owl, Bonaparte's Gull, Burrowing Owl)
Adams/Denver (Burrowing Owl)
Boulder (Eastern Phoebe, Common Loon, Burrowing Owl)
El Paso (Greater Scaup)
Gilpin (American Three-toed Woodpecker)
Jefferson (Eastern Phoebe, Greater Scaup, Burrowing Owl)
Jefferson/Douglas (Eastern Phoebe)
Larimer (Bonaparte's Gull, Common Loon)
Pueblo (Curve-billed Thrasher, Sage Thrasher, Northern Mockingbird)
Otero (Glossy Ibis)
Prowers (Northern Cardinal, American Bittern)
Cheyenne (Northern Mockingbird)
Kit Carson (Mountain Plover)
Lincoln (Mountain Plover)
Yuma (White-eyed Vireo, Eastern Bluebird, Northern Cardinal, Grasshopper
Sparrow, Greater Prairie-Chicken)
Chaffee (Barrow's Goldeneye)
Clear Creek (White-tailed Ptarmigan)
Fremont (Lewis's Woodpecker)
Garfield (Barrow's Goldeneye)
Gunnison (Rosy Finches)
Jackson (Greater Scaup, Long-billed Curlew)
Mesa (Chukar, Pinyon Jay, Black-throated Sparrow)
Montezuma (Common Loon)
Routt (Sharp-tailed Grouse)


Adams County
++++Barr Lake
Barn Owl (Warren) last 4/13
Bonaparte's Gull (16) (Michael San Miguel/Madsen:Balais) (first 4/11) 6;
last 4/13
Long-eared Owl (2) (Kosten:Ehlmann) 2; last 4/8
+++Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Burrowing Owl (4, 2 locations) (Stevens:Kosten/Norm Lewis) (first 3/31)
2; last 4/13
(new wildlife drive: north of mile 5 & near Havana & 88th Avenue)
Eastern Phoebe (Bob Spencer/Richard Stevens) (first 4/2) last 4/11
++++First Creek Trail
Barn Owl (John Breitsch/Diane Roberts) (first 3/10) last 4/11

Adams/Denver Counties
++++DIA Owl Loop
Burrowing Owl
(3) --prairie dog town at W. Cargo Road & Third Creek (Stevens/Warren)
(first 3/15) last 4/13

Arapahoe County
++++South Platte Park Reservoir & Area
Common Loon --Lakes North of C470 (Robert Folzenlogen) first 4/12
++++Cherry Creek Reservoir
Swamp Sparrow --Cottonwood Creek (Stevens/Terry Michaels) (first 4/10)
last 4/11
Winter Wren --Cottonwood Creek (Richard Stevens) first 4/10

Boulder County
++++Crane Hollow Road
Eastern Phoebe --at Hygiene Road (David Waltman) first 4/13
Black Phoebe (2) (John Rutenbeck) first 4/12
(at the bridge that crosses the creek between Hygiene and St. Vrain Roads)
++++Baseline Reservoir
Common Loon (Jeff Parks/Luke Pheneger) (first 3/29) last 4/13
++++Coalton Open Space
Burrowing Owl (Ted Floyd/Christian Nunes) (first 4/8) last 4/13
++++Walden Ponds
Black Phoebe --Boulder Creek/75th street (Jonathan Montgomery/Mike
Hensley) (first 3/22) last 4/11

Broomfield County
++++Plaster Reservoir
Greater Scaup (3) (Goldthwait:Kibbe/Mark Minner-Lee) (first 3/5) last

Denver County
++++Westerly Creek Park
Harris's Sparrow --east of 2365 Beeler/south of retention area (Jason
Bidgood/Marion Warren) (first 3/5) last 4/12

El Paso County
++++Squirrel Creek Road Area
Greater Scaup --pond area (Tanja Britton) first 4/13
Mountain Plover (2) --NE of Ellicott Hwy; see map
(Hodges:Getty/Barkley:Montgomery) (first 4/1) last 4/12
Burrowing Owl (4) --near Milne Road (Kara Carragher/Kyle Hawley) (first
4/11) last 4/12
Burrowing Owl (2) --NE of Ellicott Hwy; see map (Somershoe/T. Johnson)
(first 4/7) last 4/9
++++Bear Creek Regional Park
White-throated Sparrow --feeders by nature center (Steve Getty/David &
Cheryl Hubbard) (first 1/4) last 4/11
++++Cheyenne Mountain Park
Lewis's Woodpecker --southwest side parking lot (Tim Leppek) first 4/10

El Paso/Pueblo Counties
++++Chico Basin Ranch (fee area)
Long-eared Owl (6) --banding area (John Drummond/Barkley:Montgomery)
(first 1/30) 2; last 4/12
Eastern Phoebe (Graham Montgomery) first 4/12
(Above: El Paso County)

Elbert County
++++Ball Reservoir
Marbled Godwit (2) (Sue Riffe) first 4/12

Gilpin County
++++Upper Apex Road
American Three-toed Woodpecker (Doug Kibbe) first 4/13

Jefferson County
++++Wheat Ridge Greenbelt
Eastern Phoebe --1/2 mile/west/bridge/I70 (Kevin DeBoer/Bob Shade) (first
4/12) last 4/13
++++Belmar Historic Park
Greater Scaup (Bez Bezuidenhout) last 4/13
++++Robert A. Easton Regional Park
Burrowing Owl (2) (Brian Johnson/Frank Farrell) (first 4/6) last 4/13
Greater Scaup (2+) (Dale Pate/Tom Wilberding) (first 3/7) last 4/12
++++Pine Valley Ranch Park & Pike National Forest
American Three-toed Woodpecker
(PNF) --Buck Gulch trail, 250 yards south of park boundary line, 35 yards
east of trail (Merlynn Brown) last 4/12
Northern Pygmy-Owl
(PVR) --heard only Buck Gulch trail, from Pine Lake Loop to about 50
yards south (Merlynn Brown) last 4/12
++++Wheat Ridge Greenbelt
Eastern Phoebe --bridge/west/I70 (Kevin DeBoer) first 4/12
++++Belmar Historic Park
Greater Scaup (2) (Frank Farrell) last 4/11
++++Genesee Mountain Park
Williamson's Sapsucker (2) (Richard Stevens/Dave King) (first 3/10) last

Jefferson/Douglas Counties
++++Chatfield Reservoir
Eastern Phoebe --upstream kingfisher bridge (Gregg Goodrich/Mark Chavez)
(first 3/25) 2; last 4/13
Common Loon (Gavin Bieber/Diane Roberts) (first 4/8) last 4/10

Larimer County
++++Boyd Lake State Park
Bonaparte's Gull (7) (Nick Komar) last 4/13
++++North Poudre Reservoir #4
Common Loon (Janice Backstrom) first 4/13
++++Southwest 28 Street, Loveland
Eastern Bluebird --1/4 mile/west/Taft Avenue (Dan O'Donnell) first 4/12
++++Horsetooth Mountain Park
Dusky Grouse (Arvind Panjabi) first 4/12

Pueblo County
++++IL Road, north of Youtsey Airport
Curve-billed Thrasher (4) (Roderick/Gavin Bieber) (first 4/2) last 4/13
Sage Thrasher (Bieber) first 4/13
Northern Mockingbird (Bieber) first 4/13
++++Arkansas River Trail, below City Park
Black Phoebe --east of Pueblo Blvd (Maikel Wise/Charles Hundertmark)
(first 4/5) last 4/12
++++Pueblo Reservoir
Red-necked Grebe --north shore marina area (Brandon Percival) last 4/12
Marbled Godwit (Percival) first 4/12
Common Loon (Percival) last 4/12
Lesser Black-backed Gull (Charles Hundertmark) first 4/12
Barn Owl (Hundertmark) first 4/12
Ash-throated Flycatcher --Rock Canyon/north of Arkansas (Hundertmark)
first 4/12
Curve-billed Thrasher --south marina (Hundertmark) last 4/12
Black Phoebe --below dam (Jan Hansen & all) first 4/10
Eastern Phoebe --below dam (Jan Hansen & all) first 4/10
++++Pueblo Mountain Park
Acorn Woodpecker (Setta Moss) last 4/9

Weld County
++++Poudre River Trail
Long-tailed Duck (Jean Olson/Ryan Graves) (first 4/11) 2; last 4/12
++++CR 79; South of High School, Briggsdale
Mountain Plover (Joan Baker) first 4/12
++++ Pawnee National Grasslands area
Mountain Plover
(1) --CR 96/north of pipe gate/east/Murphy's Pasture (Stevens:Kosten)
first 4/12
Chestnut-collared Longspur
(3) --CR 110/CR 73 (Joan Baker) first 4/12
(1) --CR 96/east/Murphy's Pasture) (Stevens:Kosten) first 4/12
(1) --SE/Hwy 85/CR 114:may require permit which we have (Stevens:Kosten)
first 4/12
(4) --CR 113/CR 82 (Richard Sayles) first 4/11
(3) --Murphy's Pasture (Simon Harvey/M.OB.) (first 4/7) last 4/11
Sharp-tailed Grouse(Re-introduced Birds, Plains subspecies)!
(1) --CR 136, east of CR 99 (Casey Weissburg) last 4/12
(2) --CR 138, btw CR 113 & CR 111 (Casey Weissburg) last 4/12
++++Union Reservoir
Bonaparte's Gull (3) (Mark Miller/Jan Hansen) (first 3/18) last 4/11
++++Weld County Road 37/CR 46 Ponds
Eurasian Wigeon --northeast pond (Luke & Tracy Pheneger/Frank Farrell)
(first 3/14) last 4/9


Baca County
++++Pasture G, across from Washington Work Center
Long-billed Curlew (3) (Richard Sayles) first 4/9
Greater Roadrunner (1) (Richard Sayles) first 4/9
Ladder-backed Woodpecker --Little Washington Work Center (Sayles) first
Rufous-crowned Sparrow (2) --Little Washington Work Center (Sayles) first
Eastern Phoebe --Little Washington Work Center (Sayles) first 4/9
++++Cottonwood Canyon
Eastern Phoebe (Washburn:Simmons/O'Brien) (first 3/30) last 4/9
Rufous-crowned Sparrow (O'Brien) 3; last 4/9
Western Screech-Owl (Stevens) last 4/6
++++Hwy 385/south/CR VV
Burrowing Owl (3) (O'Brien) first 4/9
++++Gravel Road just East and North of Campo Lek
Cassin's Sparrow (1) (Stevens:Humbolt/Stevens & all) (first 3/24) last

Crowley County
++++Lake Meredith
Bonaparte's Gull (4) (Mike McCloy/Tom Johnson) (first 4/7) 3; last 4/10

Otero County
++++Lake Cheraw
Glossy Ibis (Gavin Bieber) reported 4/13

Prowers County
++++Lamar Community College
Northern Cardinal (Joan Baker) last 4/13
Red-bellied Woodpecker (Washburn:Simmons) last 4/11
++++Thurston Reservoir
American Bittern (Stulp) first 4/12
Burrowing Owl (2) (Jane Stulp) first 4/12
Eastern Phoebe (Stulp) first 4/12
Broad-winged Hawk --Hwy 287 & W. Oak Street (Jane Stulp) first 4/12
++++Willow Creek Park
Red-bellied Woodpecker (Washburn:Simmons) first 4/12
++++County Road X, west of Hwy 385
Long-billed Curlew (2) (Jane Stulp) first 4/11
Burrowing Owl (5) (Stulp) first 4/11


Cheyenne County
++++County Road 10 at Rush Creek
Northern Mockingbird (2) (Sue Riffe) first 4/13

Kiowa County
++++Upper Queens Reservoir & area
Red-throated Loon (Dick Filby) first 4/10 NOT 4/11
Bonaparte's Gull (10) (Filby) first 4/10
Lesser Black-backed Gull (2nd cycle) (Filby) first 4/10
Caspian Tern (Jill White Smith) first 4/10
Burrowing Owl --CR WW (Eric Hough) first 4/9
++++Neenoshe Reservoir
Long-billed Curlew (7) --north of reservoir/east/Hwy 287 (Dick Filby)
first 4/10
Marbled Godwit (2) (Filby) first 4/10

Kit Carson County
++++County Road K
Mountain Plover
(1) --CR K/btw CR 57 & CR 55 (Daniel Maynard) first 4/13
(2) --CR K/btw CR 57 &CR 56 (Eric Hough) first 4/10

Lincoln County
++++Hugo Wildlife Area
Mountain Plover (2) (Sue Riffe) first 4/13
++++County Road 41 area
Mountain Plover
(1) --CR J btw CR 39 & CR 44 (Sue Riffe) first 4/13
(2) --CR 3F & CR 43 (Tom Johnson) (first 4/8) 8; last 4/12

Yuma County
++++Wray Fishing Unit
White-eyed Vireo (Gibbons:Sayles/Timo Mitzen) (first 4/11) last 4/13
(second earliest date, 4/8 first) --junipers at entrance road
Eastern Bluebird (2) (CoBus/Mitzen) (last 1/1) 2; last 4/13
Northern Cardinal (Mitzen) last 4/13
++++County Road KK
Greater Prairie-Chicken (20) (Richard Sayles/Joan Baker) (first 4/11) 21;
last 4/13
Burrowing Owl (3) (Sayles) first 4/11
Harris's Sparrow (Sayles) first 4/11
++++CR V, btw CR 59 & CR 57
Grasshopper Sparrow (3) (Dan Maynard) first 4/13
++++CR 45
Greater Prairie-Chicken --Between Hwy 385 and Lek, 1.7 miles/east/hwy 385
(Stevens:Kosten/Art Hudak) 2; (first 2/18) last 4/8
(Between Hwy 385 and Lek, 1.7 miles/east/hwy 385)


Chaffee County
++++Ice Lake
Barrow's Goldeneye (up to 42) (Christian
Hagenlocher/Weissburg:Hagenlocher) (first 2/12) 2; last 4/13
++++Monarch Pass
American Three-toed Woodpecker (2) --pullover area (Stevens & all/Janet
Paisley) (first 3/5) 2; last 4/12
++++Chaffee County
Pinyon Jay
(168) --CR 384 (Hagenlocher/Casey Weissburg) (first 3/15) 1; last 4/13
(4) --CR 367 (Christian Hagenlocher/Weissburg) (first 3/12) 6; last 4/13
Lewis's Woodpecker
(1) --San Juan Avenue (Simon Harvey) last 4/10
(1) --Gunnison Avenue (Stephan Lorenz) last 4/10

Clear Creek County
++++Loveland Pass
White-tailed Ptarmigan (see website for additional locations)
(1) --(Casey Weissburg) last 4/13
(2) --below east summit (Stevens & Stein/Scott Downes) (first 1/21) 2;
last 4/8

Delta County
++++North of Orchard City
Lewis's Woodpecker (3) --see website map (Cameron Cox) first 4/11
++++Fruitgrower's Reservoir area
Lewis's Woodpecker (2) --Meyers Road (Stevens & all/Jordan Roderick:David
Stejski) (first 3/4) last 4/7

Eagle County
++++El Jebel
Lewis's Woodpecker (2) --shadow rock drive (Ivan Mota) first 4/11

Fremont County
++++Tunnel Drive area
Rufous-crowned Sparrow (Jan Hansen) last 4/10
++++Canon City
Black Phoebe(2) --1st Street bridge over Arkansas River (Moss) reported
(2) --MacKenzie Avenue bridge over Arkansas River (Adams/Moss) (first
3/19) reported 4/10
++++Arkansas Riverwalk
Black Phoebe --Sells Pond area (Setta Moss) 2; reported 4/10
++++Florence River Park
Black Phoebe (Rich Miller/Moss) (first 3/22) reported 4/10
++++Wetmore Area
Lewis's Woodpecker (2) --County Road 19 (Jan Hansen) first 4/10

Garfield County
++++Spring Park Reservoir
Barrow's Goldeneye (50) (Dick Filby) (first 4/8) 74; last 4/13

Grand County
++++Windy Gap Reservoir
Barrow's Goldeneye (10) (Noreen Baker/Roderick:Hepburn) (first 3/13) 15;
last 4/10
++++Rabbit Ears Pass
American Three-toed Woodpecker --maintenance shed road (Stevens) (first
3/14) last 4/9

Gunnison County
++++Crested Butte
Rosy Finches (152, 3 species) --Bitter Root Circle (Stephan Lorenz/Ruth
Richards) (first 4/11) no Gray-crowned last 4/13
++++Mt Crested Butte
Rusty Blackbird --possible 1st county record (Gavin Bieber) first 4/12
++++Waunita Hot Springs Area
Gunnison Sage-Grouse (up to 25) (Stevens/Anton Morrison:Eric Lutomski)
(first 3/5) last 4/12
++++Blue Mesa Reservoir
Barrow's Goldeneye (3) --east end
(Stejskal:Roderick/Bieber:Lorenz:McCormick) (first 4/6) 20; last 4/11

Jackson County
++++County Road 26b
Greater Sage-Grouse (up to 117) --CR 26b (Stevens:Michaels/Michael
O'Brien) (first 12/17) 58; last 4/13
++++Walden Reservoir and area
Long-billed Curlew (3) --CR 26/east/hwy 14 (Michael O'Brien) first 4/13
++++County Roads
Bohemian Waxwing
(5) --CR 41 (Ruben & Victor Stoll/Michael O'Brien) (first 4/1) 75; last
(20) --Gould (O'Brien) first 4/12
(11) --CR 27 (Ruben & Victor Stoll) first 4/1
Greater Sage-Grouse (79) (Glenn Walbek/Joan Baker:Patty Rehn) (first 4/3)
last 4/11
++++Colorado State Forest
Boreal Owl
(2) --from Hwy 14, west of Cameron Pass
(Stevens:Kosten/Montegomery:Barkley) (first 3/1) 3; last 4/10
Brown-capped Rosy Finches
(15) --at Visitor's Center (Montgomery:McCormick:Richards) 1; last 4/10

La Plata County
++++Huck Finn Pond & Animas River Trail
Lewis's Woodpecker (Katy Shirley) last 4/12
++++Pastorius Reservoir
Long-billed Curlew (4) (Amy Dobbins) first 4/11
Bonaparte's Gull (1) (Susan Allerton/Dobbins) (first 4/10) 2; last

Mesa County
++++Cameo/Coal Canyon
Chukar (2) Stevens & all/Gregg Goodrich) (first 3/3) 2; last 4/13
Pinyon Jay (2) Stevens & all/Gregg Goodrich) (first 3/3) last 4/13
Black-throated Sparrow (2) (Hansen:Gabriel:Pitts/Goodrich) (first 4/4) 5;
last 4/13
++++Colorado National Monument
Black-throated Sparrow (6) --Devil's Kitchen (Stevens/Gregg Goodrich)
(first 4/8) last 4/12
Chukar (2) --Visitor's Center (Ron Lambeth) last 4/11
++++2.8 Road area North of Old Highway 6/50
Long-billed Curlew (4) --M 8/10 Road (Gregg Goodrich) first 4/11
Sage Thrasher (3) --M 8/10 Road (Gregg Goodrich) first 4/11
Sagebrush Sparrow (3) --2 Road (Cameron Cox) first 4/10
Brewer's Sparrow (2) --2 Road (Cameron Cox) first 4/10
Sage Thrasher --2 Road (Mike Henwood/Cox) (first 4/8) last 4/10
++++Baxter Pass Road
Sagebrush Sparrow (1) --CR 4 (Stevens & all) (first 3/4) last 4/8
++++Clifton Nature Park Trail
Barn Owl --Clifton Nature Park trail (Vollmar/Mike Henwood) (first 3/19)
last 4/8
++++Grand Mesa North
Boreal Owl --south of Spruce Grove Campgrounds (Stevens & all) (first
3/3) 2; last 4/8
Lewis's Woodpecker (2) --G Road (Joan Baker) first 4/8

Montrose County
++++Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park
Dusky Grouse (Stevens & all/Ruth Richards) (first 3/4) 2; last 4/12
(Latest: southern entrance; also check South Rim Drive & Campgrounds)
Fox Sparrow (2, slate colored) (Gavin Bieber) last 4/11
(NOTE: South Rim Road is closed at Visitor's Center)
++++Along San Miguel River
Black Phoebe (12) (Coen Dexter) first 4/12

Montezuma County
++++McPhee Reservoir
Common Loon (Carl Lundblad) first 4/13

Rio Blanco County
++++Rio Blanco Reservoir
Common Loon (Gavin Bieber/Janet Fedrizzi) (first 4/10) last 4/12

Routt County
++++Twenty Road Leks
Sharp-tailed Grouse (5) (Stevens & all/Simon Harvey) (first 3/3) last
++++80 Route Leks
Sharp-tailed Grouse (8) (Andrew McCormick) first 4/13
Dusky Grouse (Stevens & all/Casey Weissburg) (first 4/9) last 4/10
Greater Sage-Grouse (several heard from cattle guard) (Stevens & all)
first 4/9
++++Steamboat Springs
Sharp-tailed Grouse --Lincoln Ave/13th street (Joan Baker) first 4/10
++++Stagecoach State Recreation Area
Barrow's Goldeneye (5) (Litteral/Joan Baker) (first 3/25) 2; last 4/10
Common Loon (Craig Robson/Joan Baker) (first 4/8) last 4/10

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