Date: 3/17/17 6:28 am
From: Jeffrey Short <bashman...>
Subject: Re: "Sullivan" Brown Thrasher
Sounds probable and underscores the need to keep feeders spiffy-clean. Probably should disinfect the suet feeder in this case.

Jeff Short

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Subject: Re: "Sullivan" Brown Thrasher

Could it be avian pox?

Karen Rowe

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On Mar 16, 2017, at 3:24 PM, Stacy Clanton <sclanton...> wrote:

We have been seeing a brown thrasher with an eye problem. The right eye seems to be missing, and in its place there appears to be a growth of some kind. It at first appeared to be white, but when the bird came to a suet feeder (a strange behavior for a brown thrasher) which was near a window, I saw that the growth was (or is now) greyish brown and quite lumpy. The bird seems to get along—we often see him or her under a worm feeder, and the bird doesn’t seem to be wasting away. The bird doesn’t move as much I think of thrashers doing, however.

Any ideas what this could be?

Oh, and “Sullivan”? On a trip to Ireland this summer, we learned that the name may (or may not) mean “one-eye.”

Stacy Clanton

Northeast corner of Magnolia

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