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From: Jeffrey Short <bashman...>
Subject: FW: Buffalo River--Opportunity to speak out DUE 17 Mar 1
Rec'd yesterday. This may have been sent around earlier. )Apologies for
cross-posting(. Note due date.

Jeff Short

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Subject: Fwd: Buffalo River

Subject: Buffalo River

In 2012 the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality quickly and quietly
issued a permit to allow C & H Hog Farm to build a facility on the Buffalo
River watershed. This "factory farm" keeps over 6000 pigs in confined
quarters. The waste produced is sprayed over hundreds of acres along Big
Creek, a Buffalo River tributary.

C & H is now applying for a new state permit which would supercede a federal
permit that required regular review and a five year expiration. The state
permit requires no review and no expiration and would add an additional 599
acres to the spray area. Research has shown that Big Creek is already
showing higher levels of nitrates downstream from the C & H fields than

The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance insists the original permit was
improperly and hastily approved. For this, and the very real threat of
pollution to the Buffalo, they are asking ADEQ to deny the new permit. The
period for public comment on renewing the C & H permit ends March 17. If
you would like to help protect the Buffalo River by removing this facility
from its totally inappropriate location you can make comments to the ADEQ at
<Water-Draft-Permit-Comment...> and to Govenor Asa Hutchinson
at the website <>

I am sorry for the short notice. I didn't have all the information until
recently. Please feel free to pass this on to friends. This may be our
last chance.

Phyllis Anderson

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