Date: 3/13/17 10:54 am
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Subject: IBET Save The Date - Chicago Audubon Wooded Island Program

Dear IBETers,

This could be the only program and discussion on Wooded Island where birders
are not treated like lepers.

Dr. Doug Stotz is a well-respected ornithologist at The Field Museum, and
everyday Chicago and Illinois birder. He earned his doctorate from the
University of Chicago and birded Wooded Island during his studies on a
regular basis; back in the day with Wooded Island was a patch of wildness
and wonder in the vast urban area. What he has to say and his assessment
will be of vital importance to birders who love Wooded Island and are
concerned about its future as a birding hotspot.

If there was such an award as the Hyde Park Noble Prize for Nobleness, the
award would be given to Margaret Schmid and Brenda Nelms. This duo wears the
white hats for law and order amidst the usual scheming and dealing that is
the Chicago Way.

Below is the announcement that was printed in the Chicago Audubon
Newsletter. I hope that many birders as possible will be able to attend.

BTW, the CAS office in Building D is located beside a wonderful nature area.
Some may want to arrive early and get in some birding. That is like eating
dessert first. Life is uncertain. Go for it.

Patricia Durkin

Chicago Audubon Representative

Wooded Island Bird Walks

Chicago Audubon Program: Lake Front Migrants--Why Jackson Park Matters

Chicago Audubon Program



Tuesday, April 11 - 7:00 p.m.

Presented by Dr. Douglas Stotz

At the North Park Village Nature Center

5801 N Pulaski Road (Building D)

In a recent informal poll of birders taken through the listserv called IBET
(Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts), Jackson Park was ranked as the sixth
best birding spot in the entire state of Illinois. Field Museum Conservation
Ecologist and local birding guru, Dr. Doug Stotz, will give an illustrated,
data-filled talk demonstrating the extremely high value for migratory birds
of the habitats in Jackson Park.

Beloved for decades as a beautiful year-round refuge by birders and Hyde
Park neighbors alike, Wooded Island and the adjacent landscape in Jackson
Park has been the subject of controversy and some confusion recently because
of several proposed new developments. These include a sculpture by Yoko Ono,
the redevelopment and combining of the South Shore and Jackson Park golf
courses into a championship course designed by Tiger Woods, the Obama
Presidential Library, and a glass-walled pavilion for a possible concert
venue. Large amounts of both private and public funds will be sought to
implement these ambitious projects.

Though the public input process has been criticized as inadequate, the
civically-engaged Hyde Park community has responded by attending meetings,
writing letters, and asking questions. A grassroots group called Jackson
Park Watch (JPW), coordinated by local leaders Brenda Nelms and Margaret
Schmid, has emerged. JPW has given voice to concerns about noise, parking,
loss of trees and open space, and disruption of the tranquility of the park
and Wooded Island. JPW members attend Park District board meetings,
providing information, and talking to the media. (
<> and

After Doug's talk there will be a discussion of these issues with a panel
that includes Dr. Stotz as well as JPW's Margaret Schmid and others to be
decided. We would like to explore how these projects could affect birds at
Jackson Park and talk about compromise solutions as well as communication

Light refreshments at 7:00 p.m., program begins at 7:15 p.m. If you have
questions or need directions, call the Chicago Audubon office at
773-539-6793. You do not need to be a member of Chicago Audubon to attend.
Everyone is welcome!

Laurel Ross, Chicago Audubon Conservation Committee

Margaret Schmidt, Jackson Park Watch Coordinator

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