Date: 3/13/17 9:59 am
From: Tom Grey <tgrey...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [SBB] Arastradero birds, pics
At Arastradero yesterday (3/12/17) midday on a beautiful spring Sunday
parking spots were in short supply, and there were lots of walkers--but
never so many as to make birding and photography less than great fun. Lots
of springtime avian activity!

Singing HOUSE WREN, first of season for me; photographed on on Paseo del
Roble trail on the east ridge above the lake:

WESTERN BLUEBIRD pair was on a nest box at the oak grove nesting area by
the de Anza / Meadowlark trails intersection, and another singing House
Wren was also there:

At the lake, the resident AMERICAN COOTS were in constant battle,
"splattering," described in BNA Online as "coot runs over water toward its
opponent with wings flapping while maintaining posture of the charge [ie,
head down]. Pursued bird usually flees in like manner but with head

Also at the lake, I heard both of the BELTED KINGFISHER pair; saw and
photographed the male:

And a GREEN HERON that I had heard making "gwaw" growling calls but I
hadn't been able to see, finally flew and landed on the telephone wire
right above me on the west side of the lake:

While I was watching the activity at the Acorn Woodpecker granary tree
downslope from the Wild Rye Trail, I had another first of season photo-op,
a handsome male VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW briefly perching:

The ACORN WOODPECKER tending of acorns at the granary tree was constant and
photogenic; one male extended his tongue spectacularly:

Tom Grey

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