Date: 2/17/17 6:41 am
From: Michael Linz <mplinz...>
Subject: Re: Banded Red-Tailed Hawk found dead - Preliminary Necropsy results
While you may not be part of the WE, others on the listserv are. And I
would bet that of those that are not part of the WE know someone who is
part of the WE. While those that are not part of the WE cannot have a
direct impact by their purchases, they would be better off to spend our
time educating those that they know that are part of the WE than
complaining to each other about the people that are part of the WE. I
think we depend way too much on government to be our conscience...

So if you use the products...switch to save alternatives.
If you know someone that uses the products...educate them of their harm and
that there are safer alternatives.


On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 8:00 AM, jonathanperry24 <jonathanperry24...>

> Because the "we" who would have to voluntarily make those changes are not
> the "we" who subscribe to this listserv. "Lead bullets and fishing
> weights"'re not going to find alternatives to those sporting items
> advertised in the back pages of *Audubon Magazine*. It may be
> "a-ware-ness", or it may be "I-care-ness", but the "us" and the "we" who
> talk to each other here are not the "we/us" who still shed lead out there.
> So, unfortunately, a law that takes those items off the market may be the
> only realistic strategy.....
> Jonathan Perry, Ph.D.
> Licensed Psychologist
> Fayetteville, Arkansas
> On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 11:30 PM, Michael Linz <mplinz...> wrote:
>> Karen,
>> Thanks for this update. It seems that this is getting to be a bigger
>> problem every year and that includes right here in Arkansas.
>> What is sad is that this death, and many more, could be prevented. There
>> are alternatives to lead bullets and fishing weights. I hear people
>> complain that laws are not being passed to require us to switch to the
>> alternative products. What is more concerning to me is that we think that
>> the government has to pass a law for us to do the right thing. Seems to me
>> that we should not have do depend on a law to tell us to do what is
>> right...if we can save the lives of hawks and eagles by using the new
>> ammunition and tackle why would we not do it?
>> Michael(Conway)
>> On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 1:14 PM, Jim and Karen Rowe <
>> <00000131a1cf8fbc-dmarc-request...> wrote:
>>> All:
>>> The Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission gave AGFC the go-ahead to
>>> report the preliminary necropsy results for the Red-tailed Hawk wearing
>>> patagial tags that was found dead at 5+ years age on Nature Conservancy
>>> Land near Hot Springs AR.
>>> While some people wanted to implicate the patagial tags as causing the
>>> birds death, the preliminary necropsy report's heavy metals tests indicate
>>> that the hawk died of lead poisoning. Liver lead levels higher than 6
>>> parts per million (ppm) are considered lethal. The hawks liver lead level
>>> was 142.1 ppm. A very small piece of metal was found along with hairs and
>>> seeds in the hawk's proventriculus and we do not know if this was lead.
>>> Bird of prey get lead poisoning by ingesting animals or fish (or parts
>>> of animals in fish) that contain lead fishing tackle such as sinkers, or
>>> lead ammunition such as lead shot or lead bullet fragments.
>>> We are still waiting on the results of a few tests.
>>> Karen Rowe, Bird Conservation Program Coordinator
>>> Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
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>>> *Subject:* Re: Banded Red-Tailed Hawk found dead
>>> Here's a link to a couple photos I took of the hawk at last night's
>>> meeting.
>>> media/set/?set=a. 366641567032684.1073741829.
>>> 100010605317819&type=1&l= 8fe8172f67
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>>> On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 10:10 AM, Jerry Butler <
>>> <jerrysharon.butler...> wrote:
>>> Yesterday afternoon my friend John Simpson was in a forested area of
>>> Nature Conservancy land away from a road or power line near Hot Springs,
>>> AR and found a banded dead Red -tailed Hawk. It had very recently died,
>>> was not stiff, had no "death" odor and no apparent injuries. The oddest
>>> thing about it was that on either wing attached by yellow plastic staples
>>> were white round vinyl tags about 3 inches in diameter. With large numbers
>>> written on them.
>>> John has called the banding registry this AM and discovered that the
>>> bird was banded in Illinois, but there is as yet no information about those
>>> large vinyl tags that were apparently placed there for research purposes.
>>> Pictures have been taken of the dead bird but I am unable to send them
>>> at this time.
>>> It is my impression that the large flapping tags on both wings could
>>> have easily contributed to the bird's demise. I would think telemetry
>>> would be a better way to research RTHA than attaching these flapping
>>> obtrusive tags and would be less likely to hinder the hawks flight and
>>> quest for prey.
>>> Are there others on ARbird who can shed some light on this?
>>> Peace and Birds Jerry Butler

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